Naval installations

Services: Naval section

Sidermeccanica shipbuilding - since 1993 works in the field of ship fitting for the major world cruise ship companies, through the design – with on board inspections of our skilled engineers – manufacture , installation, and mounting of:

  • metal and other material furnishings;
  • iron and stainless steel swimming pools and pool areas;
  • tent structures;
  • windows with casings, both new or replacement;
  • light and heavy structural steelwork ;
  • ship restructuring, including the reconstruction or restyling of all parts needing to be upgraded or restyled.

Our engineers are always available to provide after-sales service and maintenance on board of the ship, wherever it is located.

We also work in cooperation with artists for the construction and installation of metal supports for works of art to be displayed on ships, we also support the artist in the mounting of their work of art.