Innovative motor pumps

Innovative motor pumps:

All pumps are available with new Iveco FPT and JCB Diesel Max engines, coupled to our high efficiency SM pumps.

Utmost priority for Sidermeccanica is, together with the high quality of its products, the development of technologies aimed at minimizing Diesel oil consumption of the motor pump.

Therefore we have decided to develop and manufacture:

  • High efficiency centrifugal pumps for thermal and electric motors.
  • Motor pump built-in heat exchangers

This system, protected by international patent, is mounted on the pump suction side and cools the coolant of the thermal motor with the water sucked by the pump. Consequently, the thermal motor cooling system takes power from the motor, as it happens in the fan-radiator traditional systems, where the blower fan absorbs approximately 8% of the motor power.

The correct operating temperature of the motor is ensured through the original thermostatic valve of the motor. In motor pumps fitted with Intercooler turbo motor the exchanger also cools pressure air from the turbosupercharger, much more efficiently than a traditional air-to-air Intercooler.

The main advantage deriving from using exchanger cooling systems is 8% saving in Diesel oil and a huge reduction of heat dissipation into the atmosphere and of noise thanks to the absence of the fan-radiator system.

These motor pumps fitted with motor of the last generation coupled with our high efficiency pumps with built-in heat exchanger allow for a total saving in Diesel oil consumption comes to 50%.

Standard fittings of the motor pump:

- Frame with built-in 450 l/ 480 l tank.
- Anti-vibration Silent Block supports between motor pump and frame.
- Steel roof and side casing.
- n° 3 manual rests.
- Removable handlebar to reduce overall dimensions.
- Control unit and protection motor pump type Elcos CIM/CEM 250 or Easy Mop by Idromop.

Accessories on demand:

- Frame with oversized tank 600 l/ 650 l or 1000 l.
- Bonderized tank or double wall tank to contain any Diesel oil leakage.
- Pluto priming lever for quick charging of the pump suction pipe through "Venturi" system using the motor exhaust gas pressure.
- Gooseneck flanged to the galvanized steel pump 3 mm thick, diameters 4 or 5 inches and 180° swivelling end.
- Coupler for raingun on gooseneck.
- Casing lining in sound-absorbing foam to reduce motor pump noise.
- Sound proof cabin for the motor pump motor for a further reduction of noise to 75 Decibel during operation.
- Hydraulic rests.
- Hydraulically controlled suction pipe on both sides with integrated basket.
- Arm lift suction pipe with manual winch.
- Hydraulically controlled arm lift suction pipe.
- Electric winch for arm lift suction pipe.
- Suction pipe rack, mounted on the motor pump side.
- Control unit and protection motor pump type Elcos CEM 250/256 with acoustic alarm and GSM telephone remote control.
- Idromop control unit, with automatic adjustment of working water pressure, GPRS remote control and remote control via mobile phone and/or web available on demand.